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An example of mounting it on an interior part is introduced here. Note that it may be hard to be mounted on some parts.
1 Remove the part to be mounted from the vehicle for easy operation.
2 Cut flex film with a margin of about 3cm back and forth and around the part surface as a rough indication.
3 Remove the dirt and dust on the part surface for degreasing. Peel off the protector paper on the back of the film and affix it from the edge, using waste cloth not to carefully trap bubbles. On this occasion, fold it to the back of the part by about 3cm.
4 To affix it on a curved surface, heat it with a hair dryer and affix it a little bit at a time by pulling it. Be careful not to pull it too hard, paying attention to the print.
5 Completed. Return the part.

>Take the measure of the mounting area and check if the product size fits in.

>Check the material and the condition of the mounting surface. Note that it is not suited to be affixed on leather and cloth. As it is assumed to be mounted on a smooth surface, check that the surface is not specially processed as textured.

>If it is mounted on a small part, corners tend to come off. Do not use it on a sharply-angled corner or an intricate shape.

>As it is resin film, pulling it too hard may cause a crack and shrinkage after mounting.

>When car is parked under a burning sun and the mounting surface gets hot, the product may have a problem. Avoid mounting it or direct sunlight. Take an action to prevent the inside of the car from high temperatures.

>Bubbles may be rarely generated over time due to affinity with the material on the mounting surface, surface finishing and adhesive. If bubbles have been generated, stick the film with a needle and let out air. (Be careful not to damage the part and get injured.)

>Never mount it on the headlight, the engine area, the hood and the high-temperature area such as exhaust system. The product might be degraded and partly damaged.

>If you peel off sheet that has been affixed for a prolonged period, the glue may be left. In that case, wipe it off with the wiping agent appropriate for the material.

>An affixing method, resulting bubbles and wrinkles are not subjects for complaint.

>We do not meet a claim on a damage and pollution of parts and other troubles resulting from a failure to observe these regulations.