JURAN is our original brand.

The history of our company, TANIDA, must be touched on before introducing JURAN.
Ever since its establishment in 1968, our company has been consistently supplying motor racing products to drivers and racing teams.
Over a long period of time, our products have been highly admired through use in such overseas motor racing competitions as Le Mans and the Dakar Rally as well as other racing events in Japan.
From the vast racing experience, we have learned the very essence of racing products.
“JURAN” is a lineup of products we created to embody such essence as evolving motor sports gear.
Both hardware and software parts are needed to win a race.
Therefore, we aimed at creating “total racing products.”
It is never simple for a racing driver to speed up by 1/1000 second, so we always seek “what must be done” to let the drive faster while listening to what the drivers have to say.
Though we began with production of hardware parts, our racing wears and seats have also been developed through our endeavor in the hardware development process.
Now, a number of racing drivers and teams recognize the reliable safety and distinctive usability of our product brand, JURAN.
We will keep on pursuing the essence of racing products.

In an effort to strengthen the total product power, in addition to setting JURAN as our product brand, TANIDA has been providing services as an authorized distributor for German racing harness “SCHROTH,” neck & head support system “hans,” dry battery “VARLEY RED TOP,” and silicon parts “SFS PERFORMANCE.” We will continue to expand our parts selection.

(As of 2010) We have supplied our products to SUPER GT GT300/GT500, Super Taikyu, FORMULA NIPPON, FORMULA TOYOTA, All Japan Dirttrial Championship, All Japan Gymkhana Championship, D1 Grand Prix, etc